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Thank you for your support in 2022.

Please join our Sponsored Silence in June 2023

In the new month of June we will be running our sponsored silence campaign #Voice4MND. All we ask is that you stay silent for a minimum of 30 minutes so you can experience what it would be like to lose your voice. Imagine one hour, imagine one day, imagine one week without your voice. We want you to give up your voice so you can experience what it is like for someone with Motor Neurone Disease.

More than 80% of people living with MND will experience some form of speech difficulty during their illness – some will lose their voice completely.

All you need to do is pick a day and duration for your silence, register and share!

Take on our challenge this June and lose your voice so others can be heard.

How it works

1. Register your Silence

This couldn’t be simpler! Set up your Sponsored Silence fundraising page, add your story and some photos so it's personal to you.

2. Invite and Share

Nominate friends and families to join you – get your school or work colleagues to take part and share your own page on social media or by email.

3. Shhhhhhhh and raise funds!

Your page is ready now it’s time to take on your silence for your chosen duration. Don’t forget to keep your supporters updated and share your progress. Good luck!