Help! I have never organised a Drink Tea for MND event, where do I begin?!

Keep it simple and ask people to help you! Choose a date and venue that suits you and your guests best. You might like to do it at home, in your garden or set up a tea stall in front of your house! If you are part of a community group or club you could do something a little bigger and ask neighbours to do some baking and get involved. Tea parties at work are a lovely way to catch up with colleagues especially if you haven't seen each other much over the last couple of years. You might even decide not to host a physical event and just create your fundraising page and ask for donations, or host something virtually. 

Hopefully on this site you will find ideas and resources to help you plan your Drink Tea event your way.

When should I host my Drink Tea for MND?

Whenever suits you during the month of June but if May and July work better then that's all good for us! There is also no pressure on you to even host an event. You can still set up your lovely Drink Tea fundraising page and share it to generate support.

What support do I get from the IMNDA?

Check out our downloadable resources which are there for you to print and use. We can post out posters and cardboard coin boxes for your event if you need them. If you need any help or advice, you can contact the fundraising team at fundraising@imnda.ie or call 01 670 5942. 

How do I ask people for donations?

The number one reason why people donate to charities is because they were asked – so don’t be afraid of asking! Tell your supporters why the cause is important to you and remind them that every euro makes a difference. There are different ways you can ask people to give to your event. Depending on your venue you could 'charge' people on entry - give a suggested donation and most guests will give more. OR you can ask people to pay for each cuppa and treat they purchase. It might be nice to hold a raffle at your tea party, ask local businesses to donate prizes and sell tickets to each guest. And don't forget you have your online page too so guests who couldn't attend can still donate!

Many workplaces will also match what you raise so it’s worth asking your boss if this is something they will do.

I'm registering as an organisation and don't want my personal named featured on the page or in emails. Can I change/remove this?

Yes, you can change your display name under Account Settings in your fundraising hub. Log in to your fundraising hub here.

I’ve forgotten my username and/or password.

If you’re trying to log in but you can't remember your password, click on the 'Forgot password?' link on the log in screen. Enter your email address and we’ll send you a link to reset your password.

Where does my fundraising money go?

Funds you raise go towards the core services provided by the IMNDA to families living with Motor Neurone Disease. This includes our four MND Nurses (funded entirely by donations), specialised equipment and home care grants. Click Here for more information.

How do I promote my event?

Send out email invitations, share your fundraising page on social media. If you’re hosting with your colleagues, ask if you can advertise on your internal communications channels or add to your email signature. If you would like anyone to be able to attend your tea, go to your fundraising hub to make your tea public and searchable on the Drink Tea for MND website.

How do I share my page on Facebook?

When you registered, you will have received an email containing your fundraising page and login details. Just copy your fundraising page URL and paste into an email or Facebook. When you are logged into your fundraising hub or viewing your fundraising page, you can also click on the Facebook share button.

I shared my fundraising page on Facebook and it prompted me to add a donate button, should I use this?

We would advise you don’t use the Facebook donate button. Unfortunately we are unable to track funds raised on Facebook to individuals, so any donations made using the Facebook donate button will not appear on your fundraising page or be added to your total fundraising amount.

How do I lodge any offline funds i've received?

How do I add offline funds (like cash) to my fundraising page? 

You can do this on your fundraising hub, under ‘My Donations’. Log in here.