Tips to help you with your Sponsored Silence

Set up your Voice4MND Page

This couldn't be simpler! Just go to "Register" and enter in your details. Add your own story and some photos if you want to personalise your page or keep the template that is all done for you. Throughout your fundraising you will be awarded badges on your page to mark certain achievements and make it more fun!


Don’t forget to nominate your friends, family and colleagues to take on a Silence too. Tag them in your social media posts and challenge them to shush up! Help us to get as many people as possible involved in #Voice4MND this February.


Once you have set up a page we need you to share, share and share!!! Post up your link on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn using #Voice4MND. It's so important to get the word out so people support. Don’t forget to download the A4 banner from our Resources page, take a photo of yourself holding it and share!

Get your school involved

Since Voice4MND started in 2015 we have had great support from primary, secondary schools and colleges – children as young as 8 have taken on the challenge. Times are a little different now but that doesn't mean students can't get involved. If you're a teacher, why not try out a silent class over Zoom or challenge your students to stay quiet whilst they do their work at home for a set period of time. Make it even harder and see if they can forego their mobile phones too! Ask them to create their page and get sponsored for every minute they keep silent. Encourage older students to think about how they would communicate with their friends if they had no voice for the day; by app, pen and paper? Don't forget to print and cut out a speech bubble too - check out the Resources page.

Take on a silent task

At the moment we are spending a lot of time at home. Can you and your family do your everyday tasks without speaking? Household chores, the grocery shop, family dinner time. You can use our 'Silence in Progress' sign so everybody knows what you're undertaking - download here. How would you communicate during a ‘Silent’ Zoom?! You could even go on a ‘Silent’ walk with your household/bubble. The list is endless!