In loving memory of Bernie Hamilton

By Anita Keaney

Thank you for visiting my tribute page in memory of a very special person. This is a place where you can join me in remembering, celebrating and paying tribute. Together we can share memories and support one another.

At the same time, you are also doing something wonderful for the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association. Together, we are helping to fund a frontline nursing service, home care hours and critical equipment that's needed to keep people at home. These donations allow us to help other families in the MND community at a time when they need it most. And that truly is a special gift.

Thank you.

My Updates


Tuesday 20th Oct
Dad always loved Arigna, growing up around Ballyfarnon and watching his big brothers going off to work in the mines led to a lot of stories down through the years.  On his last birthday, just before his speech went, we visited the Arigna mines experience.  Dad put the tour guide through his paces with some of the questions that he asked him, and it gave us a greater insight as to how Dad grew up, despite never having worked in the mines himself.  The last drive we took together was around Ballyfarnon and Arigna and up Jimmy Burkes Mountain; we watched the sun set as we were coming down the mountain, it was very peaceful there and I knew Dad was happy to be going home.  


Tuesday 20th Oct
Family was the most important thing to Dad.  He loved spending time with his children and grandchildren.  Even when his arms got too weak to lift his granddaughters, he'd still want to hold them and they'd lie in his arms and smile up at him while he smiled down at them, just like he is still doing each and every day.  

A poem that describes Dad

Tuesday 20th Oct
He never looked for praises 
He was never one to boast 
He just went on quietly working 
For the ones he loved the most.  

His dreams were seldom spoken 
His wants were very few 
And most of the time his worries 
Went unspoken too.  

He was there... A firm foundation 
Through all our storms of life 
A sturdy hand to hold on to 
In times of stress and strife.  

A true friend we could turn to 
When times were good or bad 
One of our greatest blessings 
The man that we called Dad.